We refrain from using any chemicals for the extraction of caffeine from the coffee beans, as this can damage the flavor profile of the coffee. Instead, we use green coffee that has been treated with natural Swiss water containing GCE (green coffee extract), which is circulated with the beans until all but 0.1% of the caffeine content has been removed. We then roast the coffee to develop flavor notes of citric fruits and subtle chocolate notes.

We Do Coffee
Packaging Information

As a contribution to our mission to create a more sustainable future for the coffee industry, we provide a reusable container for any order of more than 4kg of the same roast.

NOTE: this default applies only to orders delivered within Amsterdam.

If you plan to order this quantity, but do not want a container and wish to have individual 1kg bags instead, please specify this when placing your order.

Characteristics & Notes
Citric Fruits, Subtle Chocolate Notes

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